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Now that you've finished reading Unleash Your IRA, you understand how much faster your retirement fund can grow with an Open Opportunity IRA. You get so much more freedom to nourish an Open Opportunity IRA with high-profit investments such as:
  • Real estate that you select and manage
  • High-yielding tax liens
  • Financing for a business you run
  • Property bought at foreclosure sales
  • Private lending to homeowners and small businesses
  • Leasing the types of equipment you have experience with
  • Copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property based on your work
  • Almost anything that you believe will deliver strong, above-average returns

Now you know that you really can be completely in charge of your IRA, with the power and authority to make decisions and act quickly, without waiting on any third-party approval.

You've learned the exciting news that and Open Opportunity IRA can cut the tax cost of a Roth conversion by 35% or even 50%.

And now you understand the key element for making it all work and speeding toward a rich retirement: your Open Opportunity IRA owns a limited liability company that you manage.

If you've decided that you want to replace your ordinary IRA with an Open Opportunity IRA --or if you just want to learn more by talking with an experienced expert on the topic -- we invite you to contact us at Passport IRA Planning. It's the first step toward getting your Open Opportunity IRA up and running quickly and efficiently

An experienced expert at Passport IRA Planning will answer all your questions and give you a reality check on your plan for using an Open Opportunity IRA. He may even show you some good ways to improve your plan. And if you decide to proceed, Passport IRA planning will put all the pieces together for you.

The professional staff at Passport IRA Planning has helped thousands of investors understand and set up Open Opportunity IRAs. They know all the details and all the steps for putting an Open Opportunity IRA together.

  • Judging what state is best for forming the LCC, given what you want to do
  • Getting the LLC properly formed under the laws of the right state
  • Providing an Operating Agreement that correctly fits an LLC
  • Obtaining an EIN for the LLC
  • Delivering the LLC into your IRA
  • Introducing you to a licensed custodian that understands how to coordinate an LLC with an IRA
  • Putting everything together with the custodian

And when you hire Passport IRA Planning to build your Open Opportunity IRA, you receive a copy of a legal opinion stating that the LLC's operating agreement (the critical document) is correct and suitable for use within an IRA.

Passport IRA Planning provides a one-stop, turnkey service. It's complete, with everything done for you quickly and efficiently. The one-time fee for the service is $3,997 -- a tiny fraction of the extra earnings you can achieve with an Open Opportunity IRA.

You'll deal with an IRA craftsman, who can build an Open Opportunity IRA that’s right for you and that follows all the rules. No fumbling in the dark. No experiments. Nothing being done for the first time.

We build it, then you drive it.

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